Reviews and Accolades


"Best of the Best"
Robb Report

Richard Carleton Hacker

Men's Health
Charles Cowdery

“The panel’s favorite…”
The Los Angeles Times
Charles Perry

"...quite simply the best bourbon I've had all year"
The Tasting Panel
Fred Minnick

“Classic (96-100) Highest Recommendation”
Wine Enthusiast

“Bask in the aftertaste and never brush your teeth again”
Maxim Magazine

“Shows just how strikingly American Whiskey can compete with the finest scotches and cognacs”
John Mariani

“1st place…The overall winner”
New York Magazine
Ben Mathis-Lilley

“…subtle and complex; great for cocktails”
The New York Times
Eric Asimov

“…by far the best.”
East Bay Express
Ellen Cushing

“Washington and his troops drank Michter’s while they were hunkered down in Valley Forge…whiskey connoisseurs are giving it high marks.”
USA Today
Maria Puente

“Best American Whiskey”
Food & Wine
Pete Wells

“Exquisite…one of the best whiskeys in the world”
American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye
Clay Risen

“***** Highest Recommendation”
The Spirit Journal
F. Paul Pacult

“It’s stunning…when I tasted the whiskey recently I was blown away…”
Bon Appétit
Andrew Knowlton

“…high quality mood enhancement…absolutely beautiful.”
Richard Nalley

“…big rich whiskey that lingers in the glass and makes an old-fashioned to tell your grandkids about.”
Wine & Spirits
David Wondrich

“…some of the country’s finest whiskeys since 1753.”
House & Garden

“…makes a mean Manhattan…”
New York Post
Carla Spartos

“…exceptionally smooth, velvety…”
Paul Lukas

“…a magnificent style of whiskey…big, confident, high class…a glorious piece of heritage.”
The Complete Guide to Whiskey
Jim Murray

South China Morning Post
Charley Lanyon 

“Spectacular…powerful yet smooth”
Robert Parker, Founder & Publisher of The Wine Advocate

The Wall Street Journal
Kevin Sintumuang

“Michter’s 10-year-old takes the title”
The San Francisco Chronicle
Gaz Regan

“I was so impressed with this whiskey…”
Whisky Advocate Blog
John Hansell

"Michter's makes some truly incredible whiskeys...”
The Huffington Post
Tony Sachs

"Distillery of the Year"
Wine Enthusiast

“98 rating…amazing, complex and pure with layers of flavor…”
The Tasting Panel
Anthony Dias Blue

“The Staff Favorite”
Maxim Magazine

“…smooth, rich flavor, nutty and buttery…”
The New York Times
Florence Fabricant

“…delicious…Who is this Michter, and why does he taste so good?”
The Courier-Journal
Jeffrey Lee Puckett

“…nutty and sweet…spice and a smooth finish.”
Bon Appetit
Heather John

“…very smooth and sophisticated…”
Oakland Tribune
Charles Olken